Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Well yesterday was my presentation, even though I was petrified it didnt go as bad as what I thought.
My feedback I found to be quite productive, as it will help me to have a better looking website.
Basically, my main problem was it did not have a Me feel to my website, they wanted it to be more personal, like I designed it.  However, I did hand write all my main fonts, and it was my own work, so I was slightly confused when they wanted it to say more about me.... But anyway, I will have to have a think. 
They decided that the layout for my portfolio and recent work page, needed rethinking, as it just seemed too structured.  So this is another thing that I will have to rethink, but with a few pointers from thomas and mike hopefully it will look better than the last.
Also for my contacts page they thought that it would be a good idea if I outlined the small pictures that I had in gold to match in with my colour of font.
Then after I fix my sizing of my actual layout, then I am hopefully sorted! lol 
But I appreciate all the help and advice that I received it is much appreciated.  Thank You.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Throughout this project I have constantly came to a brick wall, however I have tried my best to over come these problems.
I have enjoyed experimenting and designing my own personal website, and since it is something new, and I have never used fireworks or dreamweaver before I think that I have done a pretty good job with it.
Even though I have encountered a few problems throughout this project as in I got told the wrong sizing to put my webpages as, so my site is smaller than required, which I was very disappointed with.  Although, I was happy with my layouts and how I got my rollovers to work properly, though I think that I would like to add more detail to my overall website.  I also have to add in my blog to my contacts, which I forgot to do, even though I have been constantly doing my blog! 
But I enjoyed this experience, even though it got very stressful at times and there was quite a few tears.  But I was glad that I could put all my thoughts into my blog and show people my previous work.


okay so its my presentation today.... I have my website done to my best, all the links and mouse overs are added and I am currently sorting out my blog, adding in comments to my work.
I actually think thats taking the longest! lol
Im just nervous that other peoples websites are going to be alot better than mine... but I really did work my ass off on my website, trying to figure some aspects on my own.  Which proved tricky and time consuming.  But at least I know I put in alot of effort.
Right time to keep going and putting in the final touches!
Wish me luck!

Roberta xo xo


This is my contact page for my website, i wanted to keep it simple but effective, I liked the pictures as it added a bit more detail to the page.  Although I forgot to add in my blog address so I will have to do this before my presentation.


Yet again my portfolio page is alot like my Recent Work page except opposite sides of each other.  I wanted to keep them similar as they are both ways of showing my work on my website.  This is only one section of my portfolio, I would have liked to have a drop down panel at the top bar where the portfolio section is... however I did not have enough time to do this.


This is what my Recent Work section will look like for my website.  When you mouse over the smaller pictures on the right it becomes a larger picture on the left with a small explanation below it.  I like this style as it makes it easier for the person on your website to view your work.


With my about me page I liked the layout for it, it works well and it simple to read.  I wanted the photograph of me to keep changing to different photos of me, but unfortunately I did not have enough time to do this.  I liked the section below my photograph as it breaks down the main section that I have written on the right, making it quicker for people to get to know about me.