Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Well yesterday was my presentation, even though I was petrified it didnt go as bad as what I thought.
My feedback I found to be quite productive, as it will help me to have a better looking website.
Basically, my main problem was it did not have a Me feel to my website, they wanted it to be more personal, like I designed it.  However, I did hand write all my main fonts, and it was my own work, so I was slightly confused when they wanted it to say more about me.... But anyway, I will have to have a think. 
They decided that the layout for my portfolio and recent work page, needed rethinking, as it just seemed too structured.  So this is another thing that I will have to rethink, but with a few pointers from thomas and mike hopefully it will look better than the last.
Also for my contacts page they thought that it would be a good idea if I outlined the small pictures that I had in gold to match in with my colour of font.
Then after I fix my sizing of my actual layout, then I am hopefully sorted! lol 
But I appreciate all the help and advice that I received it is much appreciated.  Thank You.


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