Tuesday, 6 October 2009

progress with web design

Just out of another class with Thomas,  and I have a lot of work to do! ha ha
Well not so much a lot but just fine tuning things with my web page designs.  If I keep my head down it should be okay... and not be too stressful!
We had small group crits today discussing our plans for our websites and looking at our wire frames for each of our pages for our website.  I found it better being in smaller groups as it was more personal and I didn't feel conscious about what other people thought of my work.  I found this a better way to get more feedback.
So for next week I have to have my final front web page perfect, and all my other pages for my website sorted and perfect, so then Thomas can help us with putting in links in our websites and help us with dreamweaver and fireworks... now that will be interesting.  Although it is good that he is going to help us individually.. or else I would be very lost!  lol
Right back to some work if I want to get this done by next week! ha ha 
Blog you soon! 

Roberta xo xo

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