Friday, 23 October 2009

Final Few Days...

Ohh pressure is now on!! lol 
Oh and Hello! ha ha
Ok final few days til my presentation.... im officially petrified.... web design is sooo much harder than what I expected... but I really am trying my best to getting my website looking lush! lol
I still cant get over the amount of work that is required so early in the year.... 2 projects on programs that we have never used and one were we have to make a book! madness... but I have to just keep thinking that Christmas is just around the corner! lol
This week I have just been focusing on using fireworks....easier said than done.. trust me...there has been alot of hissy fits from me this week and tears... but I am working through it!  Putting all my frustration into my work.. oh and rowing! lol
I am thinking of experimenting with my background of my website.... white I think is just a bit too plain for me.. so I will have a look and see what looks the best! 
Right back to work!  Blog soon!

Roberta xo xo

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