Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Throughout this project I have constantly came to a brick wall, however I have tried my best to over come these problems.
I have enjoyed experimenting and designing my own personal website, and since it is something new, and I have never used fireworks or dreamweaver before I think that I have done a pretty good job with it.
Even though I have encountered a few problems throughout this project as in I got told the wrong sizing to put my webpages as, so my site is smaller than required, which I was very disappointed with.  Although, I was happy with my layouts and how I got my rollovers to work properly, though I think that I would like to add more detail to my overall website.  I also have to add in my blog to my contacts, which I forgot to do, even though I have been constantly doing my blog! 
But I enjoyed this experience, even though it got very stressful at times and there was quite a few tears.  But I was glad that I could put all my thoughts into my blog and show people my previous work.

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