Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Awww talk about a bad day.... ALREADY!

Pretty much my front page web designs were well... useless!  I am beginning to think am I good enough?  I am having so many doubts, its just really hard whenever people are so much better than you, and when no one thinks your work is good enough, especially myself.
I am starting to become drained and feel like I am trying my best but it just isn't good enough!  Alot of people worked hard and their designs looked amazing, really creative and well thought about!  But then it came to mine..... 
Basically it was the image or the type that was not strong enough... but the first 2 designs were the strongest... however I have decided to change my idea all together...
Thank you to Joel who came up with a brilliant idea for me though which has helped me out and allowed me to develop a new design! Interesting! 
Basically.... when he was looking through my blog he came across some of my previous sketchbook.. and liked a font that I had designed throughout my photography project.  Then Thomas liked the layout that I used for a certain page.. so I decided to use this layout as inspiration for my front page for my web design.  Wish me luck!
Hopefully this design will be a keeper! 

Roberta xo xo





This is my first attempt at my front web design, i got the idea of the different colours from the DKNY website were they had the same layout as what I have created.  However i wasnt too happy with the style of font that I have used.

Monday, 28 September 2009


With this project I started off by focusing on windows, looking at different sizes, shapes, and were they were situated.

I loved this style of writing that I had used, it was handwritten and I think it completes the final page.

Banksy influenced me throughout this project, because as I was taking photographs I noticed that there is allot of graffiti about, so this influenced me for my next idea.

After taking pictures of graffiti I came across some research on tattoos, as it is another form of graffiti except on the body.  So I decided to keep this as my main idea which I would then develop further.

Here I began my development on peoples tattoos, I wanted to capture different effects and angles to them to give them a better effect.

This is my presentation ideas for my photographs, I wanted to create them quite large in size, so they would stand out more.


For this illustration project we had to pick a certain topic from a list that we got given.  So I decided that my best idea was to brainstorm before I went straight in and picked a project.
So below is my thinking process.....







After I brainstormed I thought that the experiment would be the best one to choose, but I was soo unsettled with what I would pick I was struggling between three of them to choose from.

However, I decided to settle with the hero.  I had many ideas for this topic, and I wanted to show it in a realistic way, out everyday kind of heroes.

So from this I decided I would go to the local fire station to take some photographs of our everyday hero.  This proved to be very interesting and gave a good insight to what an everyday hero does.

More photographs from the fire station.

This is my first collage for my illustration project I thought that I got the basic shape of the fire engine really well.  I enjoyed exploring with the different shapes and colours.

Since I can not paint at all, I found this to be a good attempt of a torch.  I wanted it to look slightly messy not perfect as it was not in a perfect setting.

 This was one set of my final illustrations, I wanted to show the items that are associated with a hero as well as the hero himself.

I wanted to have bold colours to make my illustrations stand out, to show people what really a hero is about.

I thoroughly enjoyed this illustration project as I got to do things that some people would not get to do in every day life... VISIT A FIRE STATION! lol


This is a two colour screenprint sample that I printed before I actually went and printed my final design.  It helped me to get comfortable with the printing process.

Since I got the World's Smallest, I thought that it would be a good idea to make a list and brainstorm before I settled with the record that I would be designing.

Here is some research that I got out of a World Records Book, I photocopied each page that had a smallest world record, then i highlighted it which made it more fuller and gave readers a chance to look at other records.

After I photocopied records I thought that it would be a good idea for me to research other smallest records, and I found quite a few that I found interesting, one of which I used as my final design.

Since Andy Warhol is one of my favourite printers I became influenced highly by him throughout this project.  I love how he uses colour and the way his prints are so effective.

This Marilyn Monroe print was my favourite print by Warhol.  The textures and detail that he used made the print seem really life like and was very effective.

Since I wanted to focus on the worlds smallest tooth for my final idea, I had to come up with different ideas that would help me achieve a great outcome.  I wanted to add information onto my print, although it depended on the style of design that I went for.

I thought that it would be a good idea to focus on the inner part of the mouth, as in the jaw and skull, xray kind of design.  However I did not know how this would turn out as a final print, so I decided to just keep it as an idea.

Another idea was to focus on the smallest waist, however even though I came up with many ideas, I just wasnt as interested in this idea as I was about the smallest tooth idea.

There were many different printmakers that influenced my designs throughout this project from colour to design, which also helped me to understand my printmaking project more.

I thought for development it would be a good idea to take first hand photographs of peoples teeth to help me understand teeth in more detail. 

This was my final design print for my project, I wanted it on silver paper to represent the colour of peoples fillings and I also printed it onto gold as well.
I thought that my final print looked really well and I was impressed with it.