Monday, 28 September 2009


With this project I started off by focusing on windows, looking at different sizes, shapes, and were they were situated.

I loved this style of writing that I had used, it was handwritten and I think it completes the final page.

Banksy influenced me throughout this project, because as I was taking photographs I noticed that there is allot of graffiti about, so this influenced me for my next idea.

After taking pictures of graffiti I came across some research on tattoos, as it is another form of graffiti except on the body.  So I decided to keep this as my main idea which I would then develop further.

Here I began my development on peoples tattoos, I wanted to capture different effects and angles to them to give them a better effect.

This is my presentation ideas for my photographs, I wanted to create them quite large in size, so they would stand out more.

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