Thursday, 24 September 2009


Well, my second class...DONE!  And I survived!  lol although I got MORE work!  I'm beginning to think will I be able to cope??!  ha ha all this work and so little time!  But anyways back to my class.....

We learnt more on Web Design and the "Net" which proved to be actually quite interesting...who knew that the internet was constantly so busy? ha ha  

We have to think of three mock up front page designs for our personal that will be interesting, they have to show what I am like, what represents ME!  woohoo...time to think about myself!  =]  Then I have to do this Tea Cup flow chart...and take photos of my own work to put onto this blog.....arghh too much work!!!  The things I do for you people!! lol 

Hopefully it won't be long til my blog looks AMAZING!!! lol  Then you can comment on my work..tell me what you think...hopefully not too many criticisms please! 

Right back to research and work...have to switch on my brain to think of ideas for my front page!  This will take some time...remember I've to up my game!  Wish me luck!!

Roberta xo xo

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