Friday, 25 September 2009


Hey again,

Only me...thought I'd say hello...came into uni today to find that I actually have no classes....ace or what?!!  lol  So I thought that I would be productive and do some research and work for next week so I am not leaving it all to the last minute....what I normally do! oopps

I am getting a bit stressed out if I'm honest...I usually get stressed out near the end of a deadline not at the start!!!  Why do I think that this year will be hell?  

I think I will have a busy weekend....but I will take pictures of my previous work and post it up!  Then onto designing my front page for my that will be fun!

But I will blog again next week...let me have the weekend to clear my head and get stuck into some hard work!

Blog you soon!

Roberta xo xo

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