Monday, 28 September 2009


For my photography project I decided to focus on tattoos, I started of by looking at graphitti but then I decided to move onto something that I am interested in.  I wanted to focus on how people showed their tattoos, not on the actual tattoo itself.

I decided to experiment with colour and black and white with my photography as the contrast makes it more interesting.

I found that tattoos with words in them more interesting and I was lucky to find a few people that actually had writing on their tattoos.  I found that it added something extra to the overall photograph.

I decided to arrange it in a way that you could see various photographs in my collection, some black and white and some in colour so it would make the photos in colour stand out more.

Some of the photographs that I took I got very interested in as the different shapes and details within the tattoos were amazing.

I particularly liked this photograph as I liked how she showed her tattoo, how I captured her hands in the photograph.

I was really interested in this tattoo of Deans as it was very different compared to any other tattoo I had previously seen.  The detail within it and how it was in a place that is different compared to other peoples tattoos.

Here I wanted to focus on two people that wore the same colour clothing, with the main colour being red here, I found that they tied in well together, both having good detail within them.

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