Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Awww talk about a bad day.... ALREADY!

Pretty much my front page web designs were well... useless!  I am beginning to think am I good enough?  I am having so many doubts, its just really hard whenever people are so much better than you, and when no one thinks your work is good enough, especially myself.
I am starting to become drained and feel like I am trying my best but it just isn't good enough!  Alot of people worked hard and their designs looked amazing, really creative and well thought about!  But then it came to mine..... 
Basically it was the image or the type that was not strong enough... but the first 2 designs were the strongest... however I have decided to change my idea all together...
Thank you to Joel who came up with a brilliant idea for me though which has helped me out and allowed me to develop a new design! Interesting! 
Basically.... when he was looking through my blog he came across some of my previous sketchbook.. and liked a font that I had designed throughout my photography project.  Then Thomas liked the layout that I used for a certain page.. so I decided to use this layout as inspiration for my front page for my web design.  Wish me luck!
Hopefully this design will be a keeper! 

Roberta xo xo

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