Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My First Blog

Talk about being stressed and it's only the second day back!  Three projects and not a lot of time to do them in! Madness!  I will be pulling my hair out before Christmas!
Went to my first EVER Web Design lesson... okay not being funny but one word to describe it... CONFUSING!! 
I've to design a " Tea Cup" Flow Chart for Tuesday... something I've never done before, so that should be very interesting.   But, hey, new experience and might not be as bad as what I think!
Then, onto designing my own website with my own personal work within it, yet another thing I have yet to experience! I'm really not doing too well am I??  =[
We got to look at some websites, some which were... well... amazing!!  I'm really going to have to up my game aren't I?!
Hopefully the tutors will be willing to put up with my constant questions! 
Oh well, time to do some research.....blog you soon!

Roberta xoxo

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