Monday, 28 September 2009


This was my favourite piece of work when I was doing typography.  I loved the various fonts and different looks of typography within it.  The black and white made it look sharp and bold, with a crisp finish to it. I really enjoyed designing the layout for this piece aswell, and I think overall it works well.

This design was for a book cover, my instructions were to design a book cover, but using only the letters A and Z the number 2 and a primary colour.  I decided to make it very simple but have the main colour dominating the design, as it gave more affect to my overall piece.

Since I had to design two bookcovers here are the both of them together.  They are very different to each other as i wanted one big and bold while the other was softer and not as "loud."  I used two very simple colours, yet at the same time they are bold and stand out, which adds more effect to it.

Here is the whole design of my first piece of work in this section.  I found that the overall design was really effective, and was my favourite piece so far in this section.  The bold fonts in comparison to the smaller, thinner fonts makes the design really stand out.

This design was focusing on a certain letter and its font.  Obviously this is the letter A and I wanted to show the perfect straight lines throughout it and the different spacing around and inside it, focusing on this when I choose the different sections.  I think that the overall piece works well.

Here this letter is part of the same piece as they are part of a set of 4.  Here focuses on the letter S.  Although it is a different font compared to the letter A previously.  It is alot bolder and it helps make the S curvy and allows us to see the spacing around its curves.

Here focuses on the third letter the letter G.  Yet again the font is a different style which helps work with the letter, helps it to enhance its shape and the curves throughout it.  Again I wanted to focus on the space around it, so I picked suitable areas within the letter for this effect.

Now onto the final letter B, notice how the font has changed again, yet with this letter it has curves and straight lines throughout it, which helps me to focus on its shape alot more than the others.  Also with this exercise, it helped me to get a better feel for typography and understand it.

This was a typographical poster that I had to design by using a fact that I got about Paris.  I wanted to get that French feel to my poster, so I decided to use the French flag colours and adding them throughout my poster to add effect.  Then I wanted to go a step further by adding the feel of the Eiffle Tower, I did this by making the letter A taller and thinner, making it seem like the Eiffle Tower itself.  I found my poster to be interesting and effective.

This was a poster that I had to design by using the lyrics to a well known Spice Girls song.  I was only allowed to use the colours black and white and grey if necessary.  Since typography is not my strong point I did struggle with this poster.  I just could not get the layout perfect for it, and since there was alot of type required within it, made it alot harder for me.  But, I think it turned out to be interesting and the black and white helped make it have a cleaner finish.

This piece we got certain words and there opposites and had to make them typographically interesting without making pictures out of them.  I found this difficult for some words, yet it was fun and interesting being creative with type.

This is the same as the previous typographical design except we only had to focus on one word and display it in a non image way.  I found this interesting as the way I portrayed my words made the overall design interesting.  

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