Monday, 28 September 2009


For this illustration project we had to pick a certain topic from a list that we got given.  So I decided that my best idea was to brainstorm before I went straight in and picked a project.
So below is my thinking process.....







After I brainstormed I thought that the experiment would be the best one to choose, but I was soo unsettled with what I would pick I was struggling between three of them to choose from.

However, I decided to settle with the hero.  I had many ideas for this topic, and I wanted to show it in a realistic way, out everyday kind of heroes.

So from this I decided I would go to the local fire station to take some photographs of our everyday hero.  This proved to be very interesting and gave a good insight to what an everyday hero does.

More photographs from the fire station.

This is my first collage for my illustration project I thought that I got the basic shape of the fire engine really well.  I enjoyed exploring with the different shapes and colours.

Since I can not paint at all, I found this to be a good attempt of a torch.  I wanted it to look slightly messy not perfect as it was not in a perfect setting.

 This was one set of my final illustrations, I wanted to show the items that are associated with a hero as well as the hero himself.

I wanted to have bold colours to make my illustrations stand out, to show people what really a hero is about.

I thoroughly enjoyed this illustration project as I got to do things that some people would not get to do in every day life... VISIT A FIRE STATION! lol

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